Who Spends The Most Money: Single Or Committed?


There are those who are unmarried complaining that single life is expensive, but there are also many couples stating that a two-way routine is not cheap either. Who is right?

Do singles really spend more? Or are they married? Check out our survey and draw your own conclusions on the subject.


The single

The single

The bachelor tends to spend more when she takes on some essential costs alone, such as housing and food. If this bachelor lives with her parents and these expenses are prorated, there is significant savings. Another very recurrent expense among singles is leisure, because those who are unaccompanied spend much more on trips, trips, restaurants and ballads. Singles also consume more fast food and e-commerce products.

According to a survey conducted by Bridge Research, 38% of singles claim to be willing to pay more for branded goods, which also explains why they buy more luxurious items ranging from clothing to imported cars.


The committed

The committed

Although the expenses of the couple are high, there are some that end up costing cheaper per person, since the boyfriends or spouses are united and divided the expenses. Included in this list are the costs of housing, food, water, electricity, IPTU, condominium, maid, leisure, among others. In contrast, married couples spend more on child rearing and boyfriend couples spend more on gifts and meals outside the home.

Usually, compromised people set more financial priorities than single people. They tend to economize, whether to invest, to buy a good, or to apply to the maintenance of the home itself. Spouses also spend a lot, especially because getting married is expensive. Even so, during wedding preparations, they do not tend to squander with other items, such as outings, for example.


Getting married does not solve anyone’s financial life

Getting married does not solve anyone

Even if “singleness” makes one spend more money and marriage alleviates the impact of many expenses, it is important to note that joining someone does not make a miracle! An unruly bachelor, who lives on the overdraft, only pays the minimum amount of the card’s bill and always buys on impulse will definitely not end these problems by fixing a partner.

The single who organizes his income and does not spend more than he earns will have a controlled and stable financial life regardless of whether he is alone or accompanied. Remember: It is not the relationship’s job to balance your personal finances. This mission is exclusively yours!


Learn to control your money no matter what the marital status

Learn to control your money no matter what the marital status

It does not matter if you are single, dating, you are engaged or you are married! The fact is that regardless of the status of your relationship, what makes all the difference in your spending is financial control. You can keep up with the finances by being alone or committed, that is, you do not have to choose between getting married and buying a bike! For anyone who knows how to organize financially, plan investments and monitor expenses, any goal can be achieved. It’s all about will and discipline!



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